The Crossing is the community centre at the heart of our community with a heart for our community. A place where all can feel at home. If it's just a one-off event or a regular venue for your community group or business, The Crossing is for you. 

Four buildings provide a series of resources to our community. Seeking a place for your child's birthday party, baby shower or a family gathering? The Crossing is the place for you. 

Individuals, community groups and businesses are welcome to book the Crossing for gatherings, rooms suitable for gatherings of 2-300 people are available. Get in touch to discuss your needs and the options we can provide.

Weddings and funerals can be hosted in cooperation with a pastor from Titirangi Baptist Church. Contact to make an initial enquiry.

All rooms are designed with flexibility in mind. Audio-visual equipment and whiteboards are available in most rooms, We have the capacity to live stream events, and there is good wifi across the site.

We have great on-site car parking with a good supply of on-road parking for larger events. Contact us to enquire if your event can be hosted at The Crossing. Scroll down to find out more.

The Crossing is an alcohol, drug and smoke-free venue.

The Kōnini House
A perfect space for whānau gatherings, business seminars and smaller meetings.

This Community House provides three/four rooms for 2-100 people getting together.

For formal meetings, community get-togethers or family gatherings the Konini Lounge, with its airconditioning, optional internal divider, screens and whiteboard, is a perfect venue for a small wedding celebration, an intimate funeral or for getting together with friends and family to celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary. It could also be a brilliant place for a work seminar or community group.

The Kōnini House provides a commercial-grade kitchen, two bathrooms, a gated garden and a perfect context for a brilliant time together no matter the time of year.

The Huia Room

The Huia Room is an ideal rehearsal or exercise space. It's also suitable for meetings and gatherings of up to 30 people. There's no kitchen, but a bathroom and a utility sink make it very useable for light refreshments and all-day meetings.

The Kaurilands Centre
From business conferences and seminars to weddings and funerals, large family and community events, this will be the ideal location and resource.

The Kaurilands Centre has space for you and your gathering, whether you are 3 friends or a conference of 370 people.

The Kaurilands Hall - a spacious room, adjacent to the kitchen and meeting room and auditorium - is a suitable space where up to 150 can meet. This hall will function well as a breakout room, a dining or refreshments area, or as a place for your main event.

The Kaurilands Auditorium - with seats for 370 and good audio-visual provision, this is an ideal location for business day conferences, and larger family gatherings, and it is perfectly suited to weddings and funerals. 

The Sunray and Willowbrook Rooms each provide a more intimate space for smaller meetings. The Sunray Room will be especially suited for small meetings where children need to feel comfortable and/or be in supervised play while adults chat. The Willowbrook Room is a great space for a meeting of up to 10-15 people in a formal set up or less for a small gathering; a wooden panelled room makes it the perfect quiet, reflective space or ideal for super intimate weddings where just family and a couple of friends are present.

Call if you have questions 098177930
The Kauri House
A meeting and workspace and so much more

The Kauri House is the administrative hub where Titirangi Baptist Church staff are based during the week. It's a lively place where all receive a warm welcome. It also provides kitchen and bathroom facilities plus a board room which can be used for community and local businesses.

The Kereru Room is a large board room with screen and good internet. The board table can easily take 16 people or be adjusted for a smaller round-table meeting. It  can also be entirely reconfigured to provide a meeting/seminar space for up to 20 people.

Lecture Setting Lecture Setting 

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It's super easy to book one or more rooms at The Crossing - just fill in the booking/enquiry form by hitting the button below or you can email us to make an enquiry.

Please familiarise yourself with the Full Terms and Conditions before you submit the request.

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Open and busy...
A Community Centre for ALL

All building work is completed and The Crossing is fully open!

All this work has been completed with the incredible generosity of the members of Titirangi Baptist Church, Community grants and a mortgage have enabled us to complete all work.

If you would like to make a charitable donation toward the costs of The Crossing, PLEASE CLICK HERE. You can fill out the giving form easily from your computer and then email it to our team. They will process and confirm your donation with you. For your peace of mind, everything is kept confidential. Charitable donations are eligible for tax rebates - payments for the use of the facilities are not.