Every Sunday 10am-11:30am (With monthly Socials)

Some of life's biggest questions get thrown at us in our pre-teens, and we think that the best way to wrestle with these questions is TOGETHER! TBCI isn't just a Sunday gathering for those in year's 7-9, it's a community of young people engaging in life through the lens of God's word, together! 

Every Sunday morning, all our tweens aged 11 – 13 years old break out of the larger service and jump into Intermediates! 

We believe that Christian life isn't just for Sundays, but a way of life! And so to encourage one another in our walk with Jesus, we get together for monthly socials - pool parties, rock climbing, ice skating! Plus, every Easter, we head off for one of the biggest and best Intermediate camps - eCamp!! - where we mix it up with nearly a thousand other young people.

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