Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

YES. Absolutely. We won't stare at you, single you out, embarrass you or make fun of you. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, is welcome at TBC.

Most weeks we have people who are visiting for one reason or another. You, like them, will be welcome. If you're particularly nervous about something, we could have someone meet you outside the building and be a friend to you, explaining things and accompanying you for the service. Just email to get in touch.

Sunday mornings there is parking on-site or on Kaurilands Road. We have parking near the entrance door for blue badge holders or those who need level entry.

Genuinely, whatever you're most comfortable with. Some of us are shorts and jandals (even in winter) kind of people, others are more formal - all of us are welcome. Come as you want, and you'll be welcomed.

There's a fair amount of variety in our weekly gatherings but it's not chaotic.

Expect to be welcomed - at the door, by the person you sit near/next to. Church services are about recognising God's invitation to come to Him, and so we welcome one another as part of that.

Expect singing - we have a number of music teams that help lead us in sung worship, sometimes lively, sometimes reflective, with hymns and contemporary songs. You don't HAVE to sing, but do expect times of singing during the worship service.

Expect to have the children in for some or all of the service - our children's ministry includes time inside and outside of the service. There's also a creche for the youngest people in our congregation. The children's programme will launch usually about 20-25 minutes into the service and the leaders and children head out into their own groups. There are children's groups from 0-13 years old during the Sunday morning services.

Expect us to read the Bible and to hear a sermon of 25-40 minutes. God's Word is where God speaks - we have an emphasis on understanding God's Word so that we can live by it. Teaching is approachable and meaningful, seeking to bring challenge and comfort to us.

Above all expect to meet with God as you meet with His people. He is the one who has changed our lives by the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

The first work on our church site began in 1952 with a Sunday School outreach of a denomination then known as "The Church of Christ, Life and Advent". By 1954 a church service was launch and a new church community established. Before there was much else in the area The Atkinson Valley Church of Christ was given its name and soon after became known as Kaurilands Church of Christ, Life and Advent. 

In the late 90's two significant changes happened in the church's life. The denomination it had been part of was closing down and so the church moved into the Baptist Denomination and chose the name "Titirangi Baptist Church". At the same time the church had outgrown the auditorium on Kaurilands Road and so moved into Glen Eden Intermediate school hall for a few years and then found a home in the Kaurilands Primary School hall for 20 years, but as of Dec 2020 we're back at the Kaurilands Road site.

We've redeveloping the church buildings on Kaurilands Road and this is now a community centre called The Crossing. These buildings serve the wider community and it's where we call home into on Sunday mornings. See you here for our Sunday services!