Christian hope begins in faith responding to what God has done in Jesus. Christians are born and defined in what we believe. This is our statement of faith: as Titirangi Baptist church we believe...

...The Bible is our authority

The Bible is uniquely inspired by God and is therefore entirely authoritative and trustworthy in all Christian belief and practice.

...God is eternally Three in One

There is only one, living, true and eternal God, the creator of all. He is holy, just and infinite in wisdom, love, and power; sovereign over all things. He reveals Himself as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. God is at the same time One and Three: united in the one nature.

...Salvation is in Christ Jesus alone

God created all people in His image but each person has rebelled against Him and we are therefore subject to God’s just judgment of death. Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice in the place of sinners so that whoever believes in Him will not perish but receive eternal life. This gift of salvation is given by God’s grace, received in faith, and is not because of any human merit or work.

...Jesus is fully God's Son in full humanity

Jesus Christ is the eternal sinless Son of God, through whom and for whom the universe was created. In fulfilment of the scriptures, He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. He is fully God and truly human. He was crucified and died for the forgiveness of sins. He rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven to be Lord of both the living and the dead.

...God, The Holy Spirit, equips God's Church to make Christ known

The Holy Spirit convicts, converts and makes alive forever everyone who believes in Jesus; joining them to the body of Christ, The Church, and indwelling each one so as to guide, empower and equip all for godly living and service.

....The Church is God's people, local and global

God has established His Church as the community of all those who are saved by faith in Jesus through grace alone. We are part of that global community, the Body of Christ, and united with it by faith in glorifying God, advancing his kingdom.

...God will judge justly, all people from all time, and save those who trust in Jesus

At the return of the Lord Jesus, God will draw history to a close and judge all people. Before God those who have received forgiveness for sins by faith in Jesus will be granted endless joy serving God in the new heavens and new earth; those who are not reconciled to God through Jesus Christ will face His just judgement.


Alongside our core beliefs we have commitments to the following:

Believer's Baptism
Baptism is taught in Scripture for Christian believers in obedience to Christ’s instruction, on or after conversion, and to be practised by full immersion in water.
The Lord’s Supper, known as communion, forms a regular part of our meeting for worship.
Church membership
All who believe in the Lord Jesus for salvation are members of His Church. We affirm the biblical priority of belonging to a local congregation for service, worship, teaching, discipleship, growth in understanding, and in fulfilling the mission of Christ
Te Tiriti O Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi
We recognise and value Maori, tangata whenua (people of the land), and te tauiwi (non-Maori), as Tangata Tiriti (people of the Treaty), seeking to create space where all are welcome, no matter their ethnicity or culture, to follow Jesus. 

For a more detailed exploration of what we believe you can download Foundations, a resource which takes a deeper look at the background of our statement of faith.