By submitting your booking form and paying a deposit you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.1 You are most welcome at The Crossing, home of Titirangi Baptist Church (TBC), and we hope you will enjoy the facilities.

1.2 TBC values all people so our kaupapa supports both those using the facilities and those neighbouring it.

1.3 The Crossing is owned and operated by TBC for the sake of the community. We want you and all visiting The Crossing Community Centre to feel at home and comfortable at all times. 

1.4 This document contains the terms and conditions for the use of our facilities, along with some helpful information. It is your responsibility to inspect the facilities you are using before your event takes place and to:

    • Meet with the appropriate Staff person (ask for the Operations Lead).
    • Ensure you are familiar with the layout, security, lockup procedures.
    • Clarify your responsibilities with us.
    • Understand our Health and Safety Policy and fire/evacuation procedure.


2.1 A key fob will be assigned to you unless the building is open during the week. Your bond will cover this, and any loss will require replacement which can be supplied by the bond.

2.2 When you have finished with the venue, all seating and any other equipment and furniture that has been moved or used must be returned to the normal seating arrangement. The venue must be left in a clean condition.

 2.3 Confetti, party poppers and/or flower petals are not permitted to be thrown inside or outside the facilities. 

2.4 Rubbish, sanitary, and nappy bins are provided and maintained. Please take care to make sure you use these appropriately. If you think any of these need attention, please speak with the Office and we will gladly assist.


3.1 The entire site (land, buildings, and road frontage) is smoke, alcohol, gambling, and drug free.

3.2 You are responsible to assign and instruct a fire warden and/or building warden for the event (for events under 100 people, this can be the same person). You must read our Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy before use of facilities which will give more detail. If our fire alarm is accidentally activated, you are responsible for associated costs if as a result the Fire Brigade are phoned.

3.3 You are responsible for the conduct of all your members. Supervision must be provided for children at all times.

3.4 You may have feedback to provide, including a complaint or concern. Should you wish to provide this, email or by calling 09 817 7930 and speaking with the Operations Lead.

3.5 Any damage to the building, fixtures or property must be notified to the Operations Lead. You are responsible for the full replacement cost of any damage or equipment stolen.

3.6 The Audio/Visual systems in the Kaurilands Centre must be operated only by an authorised Sound/Video Desk Operator unless special prior arrangements have been made. You may plug your laptop into our data projector along with a microphone without this need, but this is as per hireage and agreement. Any use of musical instruments is also as per prior agreement and fee.

3.7  The maximum capacities of our site and buildings at any time are as follows:

    • The overall Crossing Community Centre site must not exceed 422 people
    • The Kaurilands Centre must not exceed 300 people
    • The Konini Community House must not exceed 130 people.

3.8 You are only permitted to use rooms that have been booked. Toilets/bathrooms are open for use always, but there may be a preferred option for cleaning purposes. Please check you know which is best for your group.

3.9 You are not permitted to use nails, screws, bolts or drawing pins to secure things to the wall or floor. Should you need to hang anything, please enquire with the Operations Lead first and they will be happy to work with you.

3.10 Any property found by staff after an event will be held at the TBC office, 44 Kaurilands Road, for 4 weeks.

3.11 The Crossing has residential neighbours that we maintain good relations with. Please ensure activities do not generate excessive noise, with respect shown at all times (e.g. carpark conversations especially at night time).  Specifically, the noise levels onsite must not exceed the following:   


3.12 Our Resource Consent requires that hire must not start earlier than 7:00am and must vacate premises (including cleaning) by 10:00pm Monday to Saturday. Please respect our neighbours by vacating quietly.

Activities and/or events that have more than 284 people in attendance shall be restricted from commencing or concluding between the hours of 8.15am - 9am and 2.30pm – 3.15pm Monday to Friday (inclusive) during school term times.

3.13 Please check before leaving the room that all windows and doors are locked, along with curtains pulled/blinds lowered, air conditioning unit(s) turned off and alarm set.

3.14 The Crossing does its best to maintain a safe environment. You are responsible for your group when using our facility. Please make sure you have First Aid available. An AED is onsite should one be needed.

3.15 Titirangi Baptist Church is not liable for any loss or damage to any of your or your groups property, and you indemnify Titirangi Baptist Church and its employees against all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses arising from your use of The Crossing facility or any breach of this agreement.

3.16 The Kaurilands Kitchen is a commercial kitchen, and it is essential that this is left clean and sanitised. Equipment must be washed and put away, appliances cleaned if used, and oven spills etc. cleaned and reported. 


4.1 The refundable security bond and all hire prices quoted include GST.

4.2 Your Bond of $100 is fully refundable within [5] working days after your booking/final event if no damage or remedial cleaning has been incurred.

4.3 Your booking is only confirmed once full payment of the bond is received. 

4.4 Your booking may be cancelled by writing to us. If it is cancelled more than 7 days in advance the bond is fully refundable. Cancellation less than 7 days in advance means we will not normally be able to refund the bond. Cancellation within 24 hours of the booking will result in an invoice for 50% of the full booking fee. 

4.5 If the COVID19 mandated gathering restrictions mean that your booking cannot go ahead at all you will be eligible for a full refund of your bond. Non-mandated curtailment or cancellation of your booking will be eligible for a refund under the policy outlined in 4.4


5.1 A cleaning fee of $100 (including GST) minimum will be charged if the venue is left in an unsatisfactory state. Any additional costs to remove stains etc will be passed on to you as the user. 


6.1 Cars must be parked in the marked car spaces, or safely on Kaurilands Road. You must instruct all users to avoid parking on close-by Sunray Ave and Willowbrook Place, with TBC not liable for any cars towed from these streets.

6.2 Should you have more than [120] number of attendees in your group, a Parking Marshall is required from 45min prior to the commencement of your event. They will discourage parking on Sunray and Willowbrook, as well as ensure the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians around The Crossing car park and site.

6.3 Where possible in your event communication, if you have more than 100 people in attendance to encourage carpooling, public transport, cycling, or other means of arriving to The Crossing.

6.4 Where "stacked parking" is used, car owners contact details must be made known to your appointed Building Warden in case of an emergency where the vehicle blocked in may need to be accessed quickly.

Appendix A: Fire Safety
The hirer/user accepts the following responsibilities:

As the Hirer/User of the buildings or rooms at The Crossing you are required under the Building Evacuation School in accordance with the Fire Service Act 1975 to be familiar with the buildings you are occupying so that at all times there is a responsible trained person able to act as a fire and building warden, particularly in the event of a fire alarm sounding so as to provide the following:

100 or fewer occupants - a fire and/or building warden only

101 to 300 occupants - a Fire Warden plus 1 floor/area Warden per building/room/area being used.

More than 301 occupants - a Fire Warden plus 2 floor/area Wardens per building/room/area being used.

As a condition of use the hirer/person in charge and wardens mentioned above are required :

  • to be familiar with the wall-mounted evacuation notices
  • ensure escape routes are clear of obstacles at all times
  • designated exit doors are not locked, blocked or prevented from being used as emergency exits in any way/any time during use.

Fire Warden Duties:

On hearing/seeing fire alarm warning signals

  1. Direct all persons to obey the signals and exit the buildings, taking extra care of those  who may require particular assistance
  2. Call or instruct a suitable person to call the Fire Service (111)
  3. Ensure no one is carrying food/drink during exit (spillage could cause a slip hazard)
  4. Check and clear all rooms (including all bathrooms/toilets) in the building(s) concerned and close doors as you leave
  5. Ensure critical appliances and systems are turned off if safe to do so
  6. Contact the booking contact liaison person once it is safe to do so

Special after-hours groups procedure

If the building is occupied outside of the normal hours, then there must be Wardens appointed and they must follow the Fire Emergency Training procedures.

Each group that uses the building will:

  • Appoint a designated Duty Fire Warden and as many Assistant Wardens as needed to ensure a safe evacuation.
  • Ensure all Wardens are familiar with the building, the location of alarm call points, the exit routes and gathering place outside.
  • Be responsible for the safe evacuation of all persons from the premises in case of an emergency.
  • Take part in fire emergency training as required by the Church.
Appendix B: Health and Safety
Our goal is to provide a safe environment, prevent harm and ensure everyone who visits or uses The Crossing is cared for.

Titirangi Baptist Church (TBC) as the owner-operator of The Crossing will implement health and safety strategies and procedures for the buildings consistent with recognised standards of best practice. TBC strive to provide a safe community environment so far as is reasonably practical. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • We identify, assess and mitigate risks, manage health and safety on site beyond the legally required minimum
  • We provide support and training for users to recognise their personal responsibility for their own health and safety
  • Provide staff and building users opportunities to identify, assess and manage initiatives and procedures toward improvements in Health and Safety performance
  • Providing equipment and services that are appropriate and safe as assessed by recognised standards
  • We provide contact details for facility users to identify and report all circumstances or events that result in injury or near misses and raise concerns. This should be done as soon as possible to
  • We will gather relevant information and investigate all incidents that have potential to cause harm or have caused injury or illness
  • Holding ourselves and users appropriately accountable for adhering to safe standards and best practice.
  • Reviewing our Health and Safety standards and practice no less than every two years.

Matt Sharpe, TBC Acting Senior Pastor.