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When hopes and dreams come to fruition, when promises are fulfilled, that's when the work really begins. 

It strikes me at every wedding... this is where it begins, not where it ends. All the preparation up to that point looks like it's been about that moment. But it truly is about what comes after the events of that day which has really been in sight all along.

We're now back on site at Kaurilands Road - a generation has passed since the church met regularly for worship as a whole congregation. A generation of plans and dreams, of shifts and changes. A generation of seeking God for the next step and taking steps of obedience and audacious faith. There's lots to give thanks for and ltos to focus on. Now we're here, the work really begins. 

We're establishing a community centre - a new resource for the whole community. We have not built a church building - it is a building for the whole community. We will share it openly, making choices about being hospitable, making space for others and welcoming them in. It's been great to talk about in the anticipation but it's all about the details.

We're reaching out in new patterns of church life - a new place, brings new rhythms and new opportunities for God to move. We have to find new places to sit on a Sunday morning, there are new people to bump into, new areas in which to offer our gifts and talents.There is space for you - God has prepared you for this time and there is a space of service for you to find your fit.

We're taking hold of a new day, with the long term future in site. What excites you most about what's coming? For me, it's all about what God is going to do with us as we serve the whole community together.